Jul 22

Aiptek Pocket Dv T9 10 Mega Pixel High Resolution Camera

If you are a gadget freak and looking for an excellent digital camera, I can proudly say that, Aiptek Pocket DV T9 10 Mega Pixel High Resolution Camera would definitely meet your expectations. This camera is loaded with tons of latest features. Another interesting fact about this camera is it costs very less if compared with other cameras of same category from other brands. Actually, Aiptek, a leading USA company dealing high-tech digital cameras and other products, produces high quality products, which are available in affordable price range. This way it makes high-tech gadgets like camera within reach of ordinary people.

This Aiptek camera is really a wonder of sorts. This camera is a five-in-one device which is available you to you at throwaway prices. Once you use this camera, you would not like touch any other camera of this category. You would simply love this photography experience.

One of the latest cameras, this Aiptek camera is designed to have extremely eye catchy looks. It sports a 2.4-inch LCD screen that comes out to give you a preview of objects you want to shoot. Since it is very compact and light weighted, you can easily carry it in your pant pockets.

What makes this camera special is its ability to adjust itself with situation. Buying this camera is worth for both, professional photographers and first timers. With support of its 10 mega pixel camera and SVGA resolution, you can you can capture clear images and high definition videos. On the other hand, to help first timers to capture perfect photographs and videos, this camera is laced with features like white balance and many shooting modes. These features let you take professional quality photographs in any light condition. It has large internal memory where you can store large number

Jul 22

Nikon Coolpix 880 Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix 880 Digital Camera is great for both happy snaps and serious photography. This camera is worth its cost. This strongly built camera gives excellent picture quality. This camera is excellent choice for serious professionals as well as beginners who want to refine their photography skills. The camera gives excellent ease of use which makes it popular among the amateurs. It is simple to use in its auto mode and fun to play its different manual settings. You can watch the effects of these settings on your photographs as there is no film to be wasted.

In the consumer digicam market, Nikon is the leader. Nikons digital cameras have very strong fan following. They reflect Nikons heritage as a camera company. The cameras launched by them have strong user interface and great features.

This Nikon Coolpix 880 is step further in its film camera lineup. Some people who want to explore the creative photography just love to take pictures more than just snapshot but at the same time are not interested in the intricacies of things like exposure compensation, f-stops, shutter speeds, flash levels, white balance and more. It is where this 880 has advantage over other cameras.

It features special scene modes for great photos in the challenging conditions. This camera offers various scene modes preset for various photographic conditions like party, beach, fireworks and others. When you switch on a particular mode, it starts some preset camera settings and options which configure the 880 for that particular situation at hand. It also has the advanced functions borrowed from the Nikons high-end 990.

This Nikon camera has a 3.3 megapixel CCD delivering 2048×1536 images. It features 1.8 inch, low temperature, polysilicon, TFT color LCD display with brightness and hue adjustment. It has a 2.5X, 8

Jul 19

Attract More Customers With Advertising And Product Photography That Grabs Attention

If your company has products to sell, it is vital that you get your advertising and product photography absolutely right. The major purpose of advertising is to arouse the consumer’s desire to own any given product. Advertising photography is used to stimulate these desires to result in an actual purchase. Product photography can be less alluring but still needs to make the item look good.

The photography of your products could be what your potential customer sees first, either on your website or in a catalogue or brochure. It is therefore very important to have quality shots of your items. Poorly lit or out-of-focus advertising photography will not help sell your products. For website sales particularly, customers prefer to see what they are buying or enquiring about, so make sure that your advertising and product photography makes the most of your product to ensure your sale.

To find out how to get the most from your company’s advertising and product photography, call us now on 0117 929 9150 or send us an email.

Invest in professional advertising and product photography for the best results
It is always advisable to get pictures done by a professional photographer with proper studio lights and cameras. A professional will also have technical knowledge and experience of what will work best for you and your product photography. For example if you are selling clothes, you may want a location shoot. But if you are selling power tools, a studio shoot would probably work best. Similarly, the demands of different media vary – photography for the web has its own rules.

At Deckchair we have an in-house advertising and product photographer and studio facilities. We will use our experience and creative expertise to produce stunning advertising and product photography for your catalogues, brochures,

Jul 19

Enhancing Pictures With Photography Courses

What Will I Learn in Photography Courses?

There are a number of skills to learn when you embark on increasing your understanding of photography. The depths to which these courses go and the topics they cover vary depending on the program. However, many courses have some basic topics in common.

The basics of photography include a number of components, including film, speed, composition and lighting. These are the cornerstones of learning to shoot well-composed pictures. Companies offering photography courses may package these concepts in a class called Photography 101 or Photography Basics. A good course will focus first on the basic concepts of photography first, such as film and processor speeds, and move into the physical portion of taking photographs. One of the most important parts of learning photography is sticking to a specific concept or act until you master it. For example, if you select a camera speed, you should continue to shoot at that speed until you completely understand how it works.

Once you cover the basic concepts and actions of photography, you may move into the tools used by photographers. Such courses may cover tripod usage, film, lenses and flashes. Each of these tools is essential to creating better photographs. Intermediate courses may move into the composition, lighting and topics that emphasize advance focusing, f-stop and aperture. Other subjects may include portraiture, action photography and photo editing.

What Equipment Will I Need?

The type of equipment you choose relies heavily on what you want to accomplish and what makes you comfortable. Cameras can cost a substantial amount of money, along with the purchase of lenses, data communications tools, flashes and equipment. If you would like to learn film photography, you can use a single lens reflex, or SLR, camera. If you prefer the ease

Jul 19

Understanding Some Essential Camera Gear

Essentially the most complicated thing about acquiring digital cameras is getting the camera add-ons. Determining the particular gear to get and getting suitable add-ons are tough.

The cost of a camera accessory will probably be depending on the type and the make of the digital camera. Many of the recent digital camera designs make use of the high-grade accessories which are expensive. A vey important of the add-ons for camera is definitely the lenses. The lenses come in several focal lengths. It’s with the help of the focal lengths, the photographer catches picture from a particular distance and particular position.

Flashes are also one of the most popular camera gear. They are needed for the dark and inside picture shoots. The main purpose of this device is emitting a brief surge of light for eliminating the dark areas for photographing. A large number of camera models have electronic flashes enabled in them.

Tripod also is a very common camera accessory. This accessory is very important since it will give you with regular photographs and allows the person shooting to be included in the photograph if he/she wants so. You can adjust the height of the tripod according to the height of the person capturing. Batteries and chargers also are important accessories for any camera. If you are a long-distance traveler, selecting a lightweight battery may be much better.

One more important digital camera gear are camera stabilizers. Using a video camera stabilizer, you can basically do all the stuff you typically do with your camcorder however without worrying about humps as well as rattles. A video camera stabilizer that is quickly flexible to several camera styles through a flexible installing structure and flexible weight controlling system can also give you more value for your money.

While making the

Jul 16

The Best Cheap Action Camera

I have no doubt that 2012 is the year of the action camera. We saw some major product launches from the likes of GoPro, Contour, JVC & Sony. However, these products all are tailored to an audience that can afford to throw around cash. It’s clear that one must spend at least $200 to get a new action camera these days, or buy used. However, if you do enough research, you’ll quickly realize that there are some solid cheap action camera alternatives on the market!
The Budget Action Camera?
In a previous article, I wrote about the Crocolis HD Action Camera, one of the most promising underdog action cameras of 2011. Well, it’s now 2012 and the successor has been announced!
Crocolis Xdreme HD Action Camera

There were many things the Crocolis HD Action Camera got right (especially at $150 USD). This includes:

-1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps
-IP68 (waterproof & dustproof)
-Wide angle lens – 142 degrees 720p, 172 degrees 1080p
-1.5″ LCD screen
-Built in microphone
-Maximum connectivity – mini-HDMI, mini-USB, TV-out & microphone input
-$150 bargain price point

What’s New?
But, there were a few areas where it fell short. Well, it seems they’ve heard our collective cries for change, because they’ve remedied them all! Here are the new features that distinguish it from it’spredecessor:
1.Upgraded Imaging Sensor – The new sensor on the Xdreme records clearer video with more saturated colors, but more importantly, is vastly superior in low light.

2.Automatic Tilt Sensor – If you mount the camera on it’s side or upside down, the camera will now automatically readjust the footage to the proper orientation!

3. Improved Casing – Though fundamentally similar, the new casing looks much sexier than the old brick design. We’re

Jul 08

Digital Microscope Camera Some Important Facts

There is another world that is waiting to be discovered through the lens of a digital microscope camera. Many people do not realize that we are living in the world of the tiny. The tiniest of all organisms outnumber every other living species on Earth today more than a billion to one.

Those who are working in the field of science or medicine know this fact and do what they can to study it. The most important of all tools to study the extremely minuscule would be a microscope. The microscopes we have today are much more powerful than those we had a few years ago.

Today, we have high definition digital microscope cameras that is more than capable of giving us clear images of the truly tiny. It is much easier to use when compared to a traditional microscope and it gives scientists a much easier time studying their specimens.

It is also much easier now to take photographs of microscopic objects since these are connected to a computer which aids the user when navigating around the petri dish. While today’s average digital microscope camera gives you the best value for your money, the microscopes that are currently in development will surely provide much better quality and offer better image visibility than these.

A digital microscope camera is an excellent tool for both education and research purposes. Whenever you are looking for one, be sure to ask yourself what you will be using it for in order to get one that is ideal for you.

The average hobbyist will not need professional equipment like a professional researcher would and the standard digital microscope camera should be perfect for this kind of person. Those who are interested in what lives among us invisibly will surely be able to appreciate these

Jul 07

photo editing photography is a set of technologies and techniques

Sometimes it’s just not possible to get the perfect shot at a perfect time .Also it is boring to take photo of an object in same, old and traditional poses.

Photo ideas involve adding, subtracting or changing the components used in photography and it adds life to the simple photo. Its all depends on your creativity and range of imagination that how you can make something so simple to special one. Capturing people all the time is not essential Sometime we need to capture different shots like building, natural beauty, event or concert. Often we are limited to handle the camera for large party or gathering and there is beauty in that. Picking a great location and educating to always lean towards, not away from the camera are some of great photo ideas, tricks and techniques. It is obvious that once you hold the camera you cannot control yourself from clicking different images and it is passion and this will allow you to quickly recreate any pose in your photo shoots.

Photography is a set of technologies and techniques. There are times when film is better but now digital photography has very significant role. Modern digital cameras often produce crisp and clear photos but there will still have occasional issues with lighting, white balance, red-eye and more. Some great photo editing methods are there where we can get various options to transform our pictures in various ways for fun and creativity. Creativity offers simple solutions for boosting photography from getting the shot to presenting your images.

The internet is filled with downloadable photo editors that does not cost at all and it is great to use for bunch of pictures to look the way we want it to be. Photoshop is commonly used software for photo editing

Jul 06

Samsung Digital Camera Price List

Samsung digital cameras are counted as the best availabilities in the market. These cameras are in high demand among the camera lovers which has further made the brand to come up with the varied innovative and updated cameras at reasonable Samsung digital camera price.

There are a number of factors on which there is a lot of variation found with respect to these handsets. The digital camera prices are decided after considering the below mentioned factors which highly affect the functioning of these cameras and in turn their price.

Be it Samsung D760 or any other advanced camera model such as Samsung M100, you must always keep in mind the below mentioned factors, so as to take up the final decision of working with these cameras. First is to consider the control features. The cameras having easy on and off features are quite apparently seen sold under this brand and are thus highly acclaimed in the market for their sophisticated features. The simplicity in the use is sure to affects the price of a Samsung digital camera. Be ready to pay high if you stick to these ones.

Next aspect is to consider the speed that makes these cameras. The cameras with a high speed are sure to be effective and greatly priced Check out for the extra features. The camera with certain extra features is sure to raise the price ultimately. Thus, if your need is to gain additional assistance and favor from your photography devices, you must get ready to pay high in your purchase. Online you can easily check out for the striking features of these camera models and can fix your choices accordingly.

Next the charging and battery life of a digital cameras highly affect its price. The one giving you up to 10

Jul 04

Dslr Camera For Real Pictures

The DSLR or the digital single lens reflux camera is a high end performance camera that delivers some crystal clear pictures just like the professional photographers due to its high technology. The DSLR camera is a fully automatic one and finishes the function of capturing the photo in faction of seconds. Due to its brilliant features like the interchangeable lens option, big sensors and accurate preview they naturally are very different from the other cameras. With the market being flooded with many popular brands getting into DSLR camera, it has led to a cut throat competition as most of the manufacturers are into latest technology so as to stay or outsmart the competitor. Though this has benefited the consumer the confusion as to which is the best D SLR camera remains. The choice is difficult between the price and the features or the brand.

The DSLR cameras in India are available from the major brands like the Nikon and the Canon. The foremost factor that remains to be of great concern is the budget you can afford. The DSLR camera price has fallen considerably in recent times. With all the competition for many branded companies the consumer are having a happy with the decreased price of the s SLR camera. Now a day you can have a camera for a very low price. The low price d SLR camera starts from Rs. 20, 000 only. In addition there are many other factors like the different types of lens and flash units, GPS units and other accessories. Therefore you need to have a proper budget in mind so as to accommodate your needs. A full frame D SLR camera is more pricey and costs as much as Rs. 130,000. The DSLR camera price varies according to its features and the technology

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